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Welcome to the Australian Piper Society website. This website provides you with easy up to date information about coming events, technical information and contact details of your committee. We always welcome any information about your last trip, upcoming airshows, events or technical problem. The committee welcomes all input and relies on this information for our newsletter and the website.We hope you enjoy this site and return often to check whats new.






  • Our next Pilot Proficiency Programme inc Partners in Flight course.                      T.B.A





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Australian Piper Society - Charter

The Australian Piper Society (APS) is a non-profit society whose principal purpose is to promote the interests of people who own or fly Piper.  In particular the APS will promote the safety and enjoyment of Piper owners and pilots by:
  • improving their airmanship and skill in flying Piper aircraft through the conduct of Pilot Proficiency Programs and sharing information and member experiences.
  • increasing safety and reducing the cost of maintenance by offering information about the care, maintenance and operation of Piper aircraft and organising Service Clinics
  • raising awareness and promoting informed debate about issues of interest to Piper owners and pilots by publishing a quarterly Newsletter.
  • organising Social events to provide the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the company of fellow Piper enthusiasts
  • providing a voice for Piper owners and pilots with affiliated aviation organisations as well as in public debate on aviation issues; and
  • supporting selected benevolent organisations
  • Membership will be open to all persons with an interest in Piper aircraft.
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